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ONLINE STORE REFIT – Re-opening 26th March 2021

The last year has been a busy one for Replica, gradually building our ranges and developing our new products, culminating in the new "Winter Manoeuvres" Xmas set, and the relaunched webstore.

There is still much to do, with new releases in the pipeline, and re-tooling of some of the key elements of the range.

With the aim of providing the very best in Toy Soldiers and a great service for Collectors, I have taken the decision to not accept any further orders from 26th January until the 26th March 2021 to give me the time and space to undertake the work I need to do with Replica. .

Orders already made to Replica will be completed. Additionally, if you would like to place a provisional advance order for completion after the 26th March reopening, I am happy to accept this over the coming weeks on the understanding that the order will not be processed until after this date. Please email with the details of your request as the you will not be able to order via the webstore during this time.

So, what will be going on behind the scenes at Replica?

During this down time, I will be completing the overhaul of the Website and store, organising my ranges and workshop and getting the new recruits into the Replica line up; Indian Army, Bands, A Battle packs, Spares, Artillery Circus, Civilians and more!

We will be ready for the new campaigning season, with our first engagement being the Virtual Toy Soldier Show on 28th March 2021, when we will be back with our full order of battle ready for action, with our usual great show offers, specials and new items showcased.

I will be posting regular updates to the web site, so check in for all the latest news. I would also like to hear from you with suggestions for new figures and projects. Drop me a line via the website chat or email.

2021 will be a great year for toy soldiers, and in just a few weeks from now, I invite you join me for our grand re-opening. Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing you in the Replica Metal Soldiers store very soon.

Kind regards


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