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Welcome to Replica

I am a lifelong collector of Toy Soldiers. As such I know the high standards collectors and gamers want  in their figures. Quality and value underpin the Replica approach. The Replica plan for the next few years is ambitious and driven by my own passion for toy soldiers and this great hobby.

You can see our ranges by clicking the menu, and  you can search for specific items using the search function. 


Since 2018, it has given me great pleasure to re-launch the late Pat Campbell’s “Replica Models” as Replica Metal Soldiers & Models.


 I am  delighted this year to add to the classic range of  Indian Army figures  by Bill Cranston, with the acquisition of  the complete Kingcast and Wyvern Standard ranges of Peter Cowan , together with Items produced by the late Graeme Petit of Toy Army Workshop fame.


Alongside these,  I will also continue to add new lines and our own original figures in the traditional toy soldier style, aiming to give collectors the figures missing in the original hollow cast ranges of the past.   


Figures are available as painted sets (executed in the pre-war Britains style), castings,  and I also undertake bespoke commissions .


And finally …..

Ever thought of playing with your Toy Soldiers? I have a vision to take the toy soldier back to its roots, and wargame with traditional glossy figures.  As such,  I am  proud to support and be an official supplier of figures for Howard Whitehouse's "A Gentleman's War" wargame , and produce unit and brigade packs to get you wargaming in 54mm. It's not as expensive as you may think!


As I take Replica into the 2nd Quarter of the 21st century, I will be working to bring quality figures to collectors to share the passion for Toy Soldiers.

I hope you will join me on this fun Journey!

Toy Soldier Passion, Value, Quality,


Andrew Stevenson.

Collector & Proprietor.

Replica Metal Soldiers & Models.

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