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Dear Collector.

It has given me great pleasure to re-launch the late Pat Campbell’s “Replica Models” as Replica Metal Soldiers & Models. 

Pat was a well-respected member of the Toy Soldier community, being a lifelong collector, painter, manufacturer, and enthusiast. His range of unique Indian Army figures and Britians style band ranges were some of the best available. The coverage of his recast range of hollowcast figures was exceptional .

I would like to thank Margaret Campbell for her support in re-launching Replica. I would also like to thank James Opie, Tony Dilley and Chris Bartlett,  Paul Watson, Renato Fort, Rob Wilson, Brian O'Reilly, John Firth,  and the Late John Stainforth for their enthusiasm, encouragement and help in getting the ranges back up and running, helping me fill gaps in the Replica line up.

I am a lifelong collector of Toy Soldiers. As such I know the high standards collectors and gamers want  in their figures. Quality and value underpin the Replica approach. The Replica plan for the next few years is ambitious and driven by my own passion for toy soldiers and the many collectors who share this great hobby. 

We are putting back into production the original Replica Indian Army range, (and figures never released),  recast figures, spares, and accessories. I will also continue to add new lines and our own original figures in the traditional Britains style, aiming to give collectors the figures missing in the original hollowcast ranges of the past.   

Replica castings will be to the same high standards Pat established. We are reinvesting in new moulds to ensure a clean and crisp casting. 

We also offer painted sets, executed in the pre-war Britains style, available, painted to order both as bespoke commissions and a range of standard sets.

Our online store is fully stocked with what you need to get started on your next project. Whatever vision you have in mind, bring it to life with Replica.
If there is a specific product you cannot find, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to make custom orders for our valued clients.

As I take Replica into the new decade of the 21st century, will be working to build further on the excellent reputation of Replica models, as a fitting tribute to Pat and those who share this passion for Toy Soldiers.

I hope you will join me on this fun Journey!

Toy Soldier Passion, Value, Quality,

Andrew Stevenson.
Collector & Proprietor.
Replica Metal Soldiers & Models.

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