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Limited Edition sets to order now listed on the Replica website!

My range of limited edition painted sets is now listed. Each set is made to order ( though I will sometimes have a selection of sets in stock) . Only 20 of each hand crafted sets, all made and finished in Great Britain by myself will be issued. I will be adding more over the coming weeks, and months. Each set is presented boxed, signed and numbered, and has a unique label for that set set subject. I hope you like these and they compliment your collection.

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Casting sets now listed, each will come with backdrop. £30 per set. "Steady under fire" Xmas set is now available as castings and will be ready to ship later this week.

This year I will be continuing the tradition of the "Garrison Life" Xmas Special. This will be a 4 piece set with a backdrop, fully painted and presented boxed. Only 25 sets will be produced. 10 a

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