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Passion, Quality, Value.

Quality traditionally styled new toy soldiers for the collector and war-gamer at reasonable prices. Why pay more?

Our range includes Painted Sets of our Original Figures, and Toy Soldier Recasts, Unpainted Castings,  Spare Parts and accessories, Scenery and Backdrops, Civilian, Circus and Pirate ranges.

Our Store is currently closed for redevelopment, but our full range will be back on line in the Spring.

Any outstanding orders will be honoured and completed. 



Dear Friends and Patrons.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support, patronage and understanding in what has been another difficult year for us all.

So that I can develop the Replica ranges over the next 12 Months, and ensure that I can provide an excellent service to you as collectors and enthusiasts, Replica Metal Soldiers and Models is having a winter sabbatical . This year has been problematic, with my health and personal circumstances, together with demands of the day job, putting additional pressures on Replica.

I want to give you, as my customers, a toy soldier experience that is the very best.

To this end I will be totally reorganising the way I handle orders to ensue that I can respond to you, and dispatch orders more efficiently.    I will also be undertaking a further re vamping of website to showcase as much of the range as possible, and be easy to navigate.  This is something that I know has caused frustration, and many of you have said the website would benefit from an overhaul.  I will also be undertaking a full audit and cataloguing of the ranges.  This is all long over due, and something I need to do to allow me to develop new and hopefully exciting ranges.

 I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and the very best for 2022.  I look forward to our re-opening in  Spring 2022!





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