Replica painted set of a very rare and iconic Britains set from the 1930’s The original sets command prices in the £1000s.  You chance to own some classic figures at a fraction of the price. I will be producing a strictly limited run of 10 sets of castings. This set was produced by Britains under the  license from John Dille and Company. They  were sold as cereal premiums and one way to  obtain these space figures as advertised on the radio in the US was to send in three  Cream of Wheat green triangles as  proof-of-purchase plus 50 cents. From left to  right Buck Rogers, Dr. Huer, Ardala Valmra,  Mekkano Man, Killer Kane and Wilma Deering. Condition Very Good to Excellent, Dr. Huer's  arm loop lose. Non-matching.

Buck2. Full Castings Set Buck Rodgers Figures