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A boxed set of 8 hand painted figures, comprising an officer and 7 other ranks. British infanty standing at attention at the slope in frock tunics 1881-1901. These are Replica originals to compliment the Britians box pack figure marching. All sets come with a unique box lable specific to that set.


Select your regiment and if you want them in home or foriegn service order .

Please note all Royal "Line" regiments have blue facings, English and Welsh non royal  line white, and Irish non royal irish Dark green, and HLI Yellow.  


However some regiment did recover thier traditional facings. These are listed with the facing colour after the regimental title. 


So have a look down the order of battle and treat yourself to a great toy soldier set. With over 80 regiments to choose from from Guards, Line, Fusiliers, Royal Marines and units of the British Army, I hope that there is somthing that catches your eye!

4100 British Infantry - Attention at Slope, Box Pack

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