Types Of The Military Band .





The list that follows provides a comprehensive selection of military bands in a different array of orders of dress and Individual figures and instrumentation combinations can be provided as required to meet bespoke needs. Please contact the proprietor, who will be delighted to fulfil


Alternatively, Bands can be provided to the following ready-made formations to the corresponding instrumentation contained in the pages "Band Plans"




Set A: 16 Peice Corps of Drums and Fifes

       Set B: 16 Piece drums and Bugles          Set C: 16 Piece Bugle Band


Set D: 16 Piece Band

Set E: 20 Piece Band

Set F: 24 Piece Band

Set G: 32 Piece Band








Band No:

MB 1. RCMP (Mounties) 

MB 2.   Guards in gaitors

MB 3.   Guards in greatcoats

MB 4.   Line infantry in full trousers with music pouch

MB 5.   Line infantry in gaitors

MB 6.   Fusiliers in full trousers with music pouch

MB 7.   Fusiliers in gaiters

MB 8    Infantry side caps full trousers with music pouch

MB 9.   Infantry side caps in gaiters

MB 10. Marines in full trousers

MB 11. Marines in gaiters

MB 12. Marines in full trousers with capes

MB 13. Fort Henry guard

MB 14. Gurkha regiment in full trousers with music pouch

MB 15. Naval brigade

MB 16. Home guard

MB 17. W.A.A.F’S

MB 18. Parachute regiment

MB 19. Rifle brigade

MB 20. Royal signals with music pouch

MB 21. Khaki service dress with steel helmets

MB 22. Khaki service dress with berets

MB 23. Royal Marines with bayonet away from the body  (Britain’s style)

MB 24. Royal Fusiliers with bayonet away from body       (Britain’s style)

MB 25. Infantry peak caps, bayonet away from the body   (Britain’s style)

MB 26. Royal Marine light infantry

MB 27. Highlanders Foreign Service

MB 28. Lancers full dress

MB29 42nd Deoli regiment

MB30 Foot Guards in Greatcoat

MB31 Marines in Greatcoat

MB32. Line Infantry(Home service Spiked Helmet) In Greatcoat

MB33. Beret in Greatcoat

M34.Fort Henry in Greatcoat

MB35. HLI in Greatcoats

MB36. Peked Cap in greatcoat

MB37. RAOC/RA Ball topped Helmet in Greatcoat

mB38. BA13Royal Engineers/Signals Busby in Greatcoat

MB39.Rifles /KRRC Greatcoat 

MB40. Gurkha/Pill box Cap Greatcoat

MB41. Side Cap Greatcoat

MB42. Lancer Greatcoat

MB43. Hussar Greatcoat

MB44. Dragoon Guard Greatcoat

MB45. Fusilieer Greatcoat




The following Instrumentation and Spare Arms are available.





BA4:Bass Euphonium, BA5:Tenor Horn,

BA6:Small Horn,

BA7:French Horn, BA8:Saxaphone,




BA12:Side Drum and Arm.

BA13: Cymbals

BA14: Bass Drum

BA15: Bass Drum Arms (Pair)

BA16: Drum Major Mace (Hollowcast Drum Major)

BA17: Eyes Right Drum Major Mace


Painted Sets 
All Figures and equipment in our ranges can be provided painted to order in any combination and quantity the patron may require. All painted items are completed in the pre or post war Britains style. 
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