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Quality Traditional Style Toy Soldiers for the Collector and Wargamer. Armies Made in ENGLAND!

At Replica, our aim is to provide quality figures for reasonable prices.

We have an extensive and growing range of 54mm Military and Civilian, Circus and other figures and accessories, all available as castings and boxed painted sets.

We also make and paint bespoke figures to meet specific requirements, so if you have something in mind that you cant find, drop us a line and we will do our best to help.

Our Military range consists of an EXTENSIVE selection of  our own original and recast traditional style Toy Soldier figures, both on foot, mounted, artillery and wagons, together with a large range of recast spare parts for Britains hollowcast and other figures to enable you  to restore old soldiers or or convert a figure.  

We cover the British Army and Armies of the world, and cater for wargamers an collectors alike with our  Gentleman's War Army packs. We also have recasts of Quiralu 60mm figures.

I have developed new original figures, fully faithful to the style of, and compatible with original Britains, which fill gaps  in the hollowcast Britains production of the past.

And with a real pride and passion, our unique and original Indian Army range is also being re-released, and will number over 160 unique figures, with plenty of additions never before listed in the original Replica line up. 

I  hope that there is something of interest to you, and if you can't see exactly what you are looking for get in touch and I will be happy to help.

I have several projects on the workbench, so plenty of new additions and activity over the coming months! 

Happy Collecting !



A comprehensive range of castings makes the replica Line up. Military , Civilian, Circus.  We have a large selection of classic hollowcast figures from the likes of Britains, Hillco. Qurialu and others.  

But we do more than recasts. We have our own comprehensive and  original Indian Army series, which continues to grow with new, previously unreleased figures being added to the range, together with our new original figures in traditional style to complement the ranges of hollwcast manufactures of the past. 

And we cater for the wargamer too! with our" A Gentleman's War" deal packs, its never been a better time to take wargaming back to its roots, and get some glossies on the gaming table! 



All the replica range is available to order as painted sets or individual figures.

Our aim to provide a quality product that is great value. With our painted sets we strive to live up to that promise.  We provide a dedicated range of "standard" sets from the Replica line up. All painted sets completely hand made and finished. I personally undertake all painting myself. As a BMSS gold medal winning painter I want to ensure that the figures are just as they should be. All  are presented in traditional quality boxes, with bespoke labels for the contents, and tied in as toy soldiers should be! a nostalgic piece of the past in the 21st Century.

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We have a large and growing selection of arms, heads and other accessories for those collectors and gamers who like to restore, or convert figures.  We are re tooling from original parts to ensure a quality product with minimal distortion and shrinkage.  Whatever your needs. i'm sure the Quartermaster will be able to find you a helmet, boots and tunic your troops need!



Replica is delighted to be an official figure supplier for Howard Whitehouse's "A Gentleman's War" Wargame rules for 54mm toy soldier wargaming . We have a growing range of battalion packs  to enable a field force to be quickly and economically assembled . A great way to build a collection for display or play!

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We have  growing range of original and exclusive backdrops to enhance your toy soldier displays. Full colour A4 sized and comprising of a base and back board, they make the perfect toy soldier setting! We also have a selection of palm trees and other Scenic items .



Occasionally we have second hand sets by Wm Britian and other makers for sale. Check here for current stock



The Complete range in one place!