Replica Toy Soldier Ranges

Our Military range consists of an EXTENSIVE selection of  our own original and recast traditional style Toy Soldier figures, both on foot, mounted, artillery and wagons, together with a large range of recast spare parts for Britains hollowcast and other figures to enable you  to restore old soldiers or or convert a figure.  


We cover the British Army and Armies of the world, and cater for wargamers an collectors alike with our  Gentleman's War Army packs. We also have recasts of Quiralu 60mm figures.

I have developed new original figures, fully faithful to the style of, and compatible with original Britains, which fill gaps  in the hollowcast Britains production of the past.

And with a real pride and passion, our unique and original Indian Army range is also being re-released, and will number over 160 unique figures, with plenty of additions never before listed in the original Replica line up. 

I  hope that there is something of interest to you, and if you can't see exactly what you are looking for get in touch and I will be happy to help.

I have several projects on the workbench, so plenty of new additions and activity over the coming months! 

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