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We offer an army size order of battle for all your Toy Soldier needs!  Be it marching ranks, Cavalry, Bands, Logistics or some Jolly Jack Tars! 


The range includes:

  • Our own unique figures, specifically styled to fit in with original Hollowcast figures, filling the gaps Britians never covered;  

  • The Original Replica Indian Army Series designed by Bill Cranston and Pat Campbell,

  • Quiralu recasts and many more!  

As I re-tool the range, our new additions will in most cases be headless to give maximum flexibility to our range. All our castings all  come with head and arm in the figure cost.

Replica has ready made battle and Unit packs for those enthusiasts that like to put their toy soldiers into the field, taking wargaming back to its roots in a grand manner! If you are looking for a great casting deal for wargaming or collecting check out the AGW Section. 

So, whatever your passion for toy soldiers I am sure we will have something for you in the Replica Metal Soldiers and Models line up.

All our castings are solid and made of quality lead/tin alloy. As such they are collectors Items and are unsuitable for children.

Visit the sections below to see the ranges.

MILITARY 54MM CASTINGS -  Replica Originals and Recasts

Traditional style castings of 54mm Figures, with our own original RMSM figures and Recasts of old Hollowcast figures. For Indian Army See our Sepoy and Sowars range. 

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